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Monday, November 9, 2009


Hachiya Persimmon Tree(large variety)

Persimmon fruit is sweet and unusual

Digging the hole to Plant our Persimmon Tree 

Yes, That hole is big enough ! 

A few weeks ago my Brother and his Wife (Carmela ) gave us a PERSIMMON TREE on Diwali .
I just love love love this fruit !  This is the nice large variety which is  the astringent type needing to grow soft before it is sweet enough to eat.  The small varieties are non-astringent types and  offer fruit that is sweet even when firm. If you want seeds you will need to plant another tree for cross-pollination but most Persimmon varieties will still bring fruit but they will not have any seeds.

A persimmon tree is planted much like you would any other tree by digging the hole and loosening the dirt  wider and deeper .  Allow the  bottom of the root ball to sit firmly on the soil. Persimmon trees have a delicate and somewhat brittle root system so move them carefully.
Plant your tree so the soil line matches where it was grown in a pot. Water your tree well after planting.

Go light on feeding persimmon trees !  Too much nitrogen can sometimes cause the fruit to drop. Once established  they can be quite drought-tolerant.  

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