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Monday, November 30, 2009

Approximate Date/ Tasks(s) for zone 7 calendar

I always forget when to plant what so here is a compiled list I found for zone 7 that I think everyone will find useful .

 These dates are approximations, give or take 2 weeks .

Approximate Date/ Tasks(s) for zone 7  calendar

January 1  - Be sure all your seed orders are placed or place them now
Get your seed-starting area cleaned up
Purchase any needed seed-starting supplies (peat moss, pots, etc.)

January 15  - Start artichoke seedlings
Start cardoon seedlings
Start broccoli raab seedlings
Start stratifying rooted-chervil seeds soon as you get them
Start leek seedlings

February 1  - Start broccoli seedlings
Start cabbage seedlings
Start cauliflower seedlings
Start onion seedlings

February 15  - Harvest & re-plant sunchoke tubers (if physically possible)

March 1  - Transplant broccoli raab seedlings
Start pepper seedlings
Direct-seed Swiss chard
Harvest & re-plant sunchoke tubers (ifyou haven`t  done it yet)
Direct-seed maincrop spinach

March 15  - Transplant artichoke seedlings
Transplant cardoon seedlings
Transplant broccoli seedlings
Transplant cabbage seedlings
Transplant cauliflower seedlings
Start hardening-off leek seedlings
Direct-seed maincrop spinach (second round)

April 1  - Direct-seed fava beans
Start celeriac seedlings
Start eggplant seedlings
Transplant leek seedlings
Direct-seed peas
Direct-seed Swiss chard (round 2)
Direct-seed sorrel
Direct-seed root chervil
Start tomato seedlings
Start hardening-off onion seedlings
Switch lettuce & greens seeding from "cool" to "warm" types

April 15  - Direct-seed beets
Transplant onion seedlings
Direct-seed summer carrots

May 1  - Direct-seed scallions ("Welsh onions")
Start summer-squash seedlings
Start tomatillo seedlings
Start melon seedlings

May 15  - Start cucumber seedlings
Lay down pepper-bed plastic mulch
Start pumpkin seedlings
Lay down pumpkin-patch plastic mulch
Lay down summer-squash bed plastic mulch
Lay down tomatillo-bed plastic mulch
Lay down tomato-bed plastic mulch
Start okra seedlings
(Think about hardening-off tomatoes in a week or so)

June 1 - Direct-seed non-lima beans (if soil T>60°)
Start hardening off eggplant seedling (wait till June 5th or so)
Lay down cucumber-bed plastic mulch
Transplant pepper seedlings (if soil T>65°)
Transplant pumpkin seedlings (if soil T>70°)
Transplant summer-squash seedlings (if soil T>70°)
Transplant tomatillo seedlings
Transplant tomato seedlings (if soil T>65°)
Lay down melon-bed plastic mulch
Start watermelon seedlings
Lay down watermelon-patch plastic mulch

June 15  - Direct-seed lima beans (if soil T>65°)
Direct-seed corn (if soil T>70°)
Transplant cucumber seedlings
Transplant eggplant seedlings
Lay down okra-bed plastic mulch
Direct-seed parsnips
Direct-seed scorzonera
Plant sweet-potato slips
Transplant melon seedlings
Transplant watermelon seedlings

July 1  - Direct-seed fall carrots
Start Brussels sprouts seedlings
Transplant celeriac seedlings
Direct-seed Florence fennel
Transplant okra seedlings

July 15  -Direct-seed root parsley

August 1 - Direct-seed kohlrabi

August 15  - Transplant Brussels sprouts seedlings
Direct-seed fall peas

September 1 - Nothing--so start your post-harvest cleaning-up

September 15 - Direct-seed kale

October 1  - Direct-seed fall spinach
Switch lettuce & greens seeding from "warm" to "cool" types

October 15 - Top Brussels sprouts plants
Plant seed garlic?
Plant seed shallots?

November 1 - Mulch asparagus beds for winter
Plant seed garlic (round 2)
Plant seed shallots (round 2 )

November 15 - Plan Thanksgiving dinner around your garden produce!
Direct-seed  - second growth of kale

December 1 - Clean up all garden detritus.

December 15  - Review seed catalogues and get your orders in for next year's growing

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