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Saturday, October 24, 2009


This is one of our favorite , so colorful!

So pretty ...from yellow to orange

These leaves almost look like flowers

I was amazed at how the bushes on the bottom are totally green yet if you look at the top of the bushes they have turned a red ...so cool

Our grasses are just starting to turn yellow

Autumn is my second favorite season of the year( My favorite being SPRING :))  , not to hot , not to cold . Makes you get ready for the colder days ahead , but what is most fascinating is the Autumn colors that surround us . I think that most of us forget to enjoy the colors as they change around us . 

Today I took a walk with my husband in our back yard to look at all the variety of trees that we have and to see all the beautiful shades of colors  that each tree has. Some are just breathtaking .

Some of the leaves are so vibrant while others are still green .


  1. You have some great Autumn views from the looks of these pictures.

  2. Yes we are loving the views so far ! We can`t wait to see what we`ll be seeing this winter with the snow . The kids are looking forward to it .