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Sunday, September 27, 2009

lemon tree

lemon almost ready for picking

baby lemons

more new lemons

This tree was given to me by my niece and her boyfriend as a housewarming gift ... It has just been doing great ever since I got it . I water it regularly and make sure it gets plenty of sunshine .  Since I am in New York I will have to take it in the garage for the  cold winter months ... as long as it does not freeze it can stay outdoors . 

Its important that once the flowers appear on the plant that it gets plenty of water and fertilizing is crucial to getting a good yield of lemons especially if you plan on keeping the tree in a pot like I will be doing .. fertilizing 4 times a year is best .

If bees do not pollinate the flowers the little lemons will just shrivel and drop off the plants ...be sure to move the pot and place it where you see any sign of bee activity .

As you can see from the photos it is full of new baby lemons :)  , And 1 looks  nice and turning yellow  which will be ready for picking  soon .

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