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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I haven`t figured out yet how to make them grow as big as the ones you get in a supermarket but the pineapples I grow are 1/4 of the size but they are the sweatest I have ever tasted . I think i`ll take the sweetnes over size any day ! :)
It is so nice to watch it start to bloom , they have a purpleish flower which is so pretty . If you click the photo you can see it in greater details . The hardest part is watching it grow for months and when you are ready to go pick it you find that a squirel beat you to it !

Now that I have moved from Florida to NY I will have to try growing them in a pot and see how well they do . 


  1. Do you use apple to get them sweeter ? I read that about pineapples when I tried to grow one with no success . This one looks nice and healthy.

  2. I put my apple peel around the bottom of the base a couple times a year and the pineapples are far sweeter than the ones I do not give the apple peel to .